Locally, we offer free group meditation classes. These classes are designed to introduce the concept of mindfulness meditation and encourage students to develop a regular practice.

This is an interactive group and is a great way to meet other open-minded individuals who are interested in personal growth and mindfulness practices. 

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We offer private guided meditation sessions for individuals, couples and families. Private sessions can be done over the phone, web cam or in-person. A private session will include a brief interview, followed by coaching on posture, breathing techniques and other mindfulness relaxation strategies. A private guided meditation is great for individuals who would like support in establishing a regular practice. 

Family or couples sessions offer support to those who wish to establish a practice with their loved ones. There is no age limit. Contact us for a free consultations to find out how meditation can help ease stress and improve communication at home. 

Effingham Meditation Group

Our approach to meditation is broad and practical. We encourage a practice based on the concept of mindfulness. Mindfulness simply means keeping one’s thoughts focused on a single thing. During meditation, you can practice mindfulness by  focusing on your breath, a word (or mantra), an emotion or an object. 

We teach how to meditate through guided meditations. Both our individual sessions and our group classes begin with guided body awareness and relaxation techniques. We emphasize the importance of the breath and teach a variety of breathing techniques. 

We take an active, creative approach to meditation. We believe meditation can take many forms and encourage our students to bring a meditative, mindful quality to everything they do. 

Corporate Workshops

Corporate workshops are available that will teach employees strategies for managing work related stress. Meditation in the workplace is becoming more popular in the United States due to research indicating that practicing meditation at work improves memory and cognitive functioning, facilitates more positive inter-office relationships, enhances employee creativity and boosts morale. 

Our workshops are designed to fit the needs of our clients. We offer free consultations and work directly with human resource professionals to identify priorities and other accommodations. 

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Mindfulness Meditation

Private Sessions